My favorite part of being an FFA coach are the contests that involve research. I am a total nerd and love to spend hours learning something new. I enjoy writing scripts and building the bond that it takes to develop into a team. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a topic that kids might not have ever encountered and turned it into an artful performance. Ag Issues allows me to do this, and it is my favorite contest to coach.

What were your CDE experiences as a member in FFA?

I participated in CDEs all four years in FFA. As a freshman I did Conduct of Meetings, sophomore year it was Prepared Public Speaking, junior year was individual Ag Sales and senior year was Parli. I also did livestock and horse judging contests.

What were your SAE experiences as a member in FFA?

FFA Coach, Stationed by the Advisor

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What is your favorite part of being a FFA Coach?

​Years Teaching: 10

Past SAE: ​Agricultural Placement.

Past CDE's: Conduct of Meetings, Prepared Public Speaking, Ag Sales and Livestock/Horse Judging.

Favorite Hobby: ​Reading

Ms. Jenna Stevens

​​When I was in FFA, my SAE was in Agricultural Placement. I volunteered at an exotic petting zoo that did kids events in the area. I also helped out the owners on their farm. We had several unique animals in the zoo including a wolf, an 8-foot boa constrictor, spiders, lizards, monkeys and more! At the farm we had more monkeys, baboons, a pair of cougars, and a three-legged bear named Ben who loved to eat marshmallows out of your hand. I received second overall as a State Star in Agri-Placement.