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​DeWitt Central FFA

My favorite lesson that I learned through FFA is, that you have to be on top of your time management so you don't fall behind.

Favorite Quote

What is your favorite lesson learned in FFA?

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom." George S. Patton

 became involved in FFA through a friend  who was already a member and he told me about how fun FFA was. So I decided to join and try it out. After joining, the chapter officers encouraged me to do more and participate in different things. Through their encouragement I became hooked on FFA.

Why did you apply for chapter office?

Reporter, Stationed by the Scrapbook

Noah Conard

I wanted to become an officer so I could make a positive difference in my community and be a positive influence on other students and chapter members.

How did you become involved in FFA?

Grade: 11​

Years in FFA: 4

SAE: ​Beef Production Management, Goat Production, Specialty Animal Entrepreneurship

CDE's: Ag. Comm, Parli Pro.

Favorite Activity: ​Rake N' Run.