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​​​Stationed by the Flag - Kailey Clark

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One of my favorite experiences that I have learned is that even when you feel like you are at your wits end and you think you have to give up, if you keep pushing through your friends will be there to lift you back up. During one of my CDE's my team mates and I stayed up until 1 am working on our CDE and even when we were tired. That night we finished it up because we knew that no matter how long it took if we continued to persevere we would see the results we wanted, which we did.

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The thing I love most about FFA is that it's not all about if you grew up on a farm or if you have started with agricultural ties. People from all sorts of backgrounds meet and become best friends through their new found passions for agriculture. I love when people from completely different places seem to find something they have in common and build an amazing friendship over it.

"Anything worth doing is worth over doing." Kevin Laue

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My favorite CDE is Conduct of Meetings because it taught me the proper way a meeting should be ran and it also gave me a small glance into what each position is.

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Respect is something I think everyone deserves. The golden rule is that you need to treat people the way you want to be treated, but if you don't then you shouldn't expect anything in return. When you are working with someone you want them to respect your opinions and what ideas you have, and the only way you will get that is if you respect others as much as they respect you. That is something that I have also learned in all of my time being in FFA.

Grade: 10

Ag. Career Summit

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