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Fayeth Henningsen

My SAE is sheep placement. With my SAE I do records for the farm. specifically keeping track of ewes and figuring out which ewes are the most profitable with few complications. By doing this I can talk with my dad about which ewes should be bred to a certain ram in order to make our flock as high quality as possible. My other SAE is ag communications. With this I keep track of all the social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and youtube that are for our chapter. These help show what the ag industry is truly about! 

Something I would like people to know about FFA is...

Grade: 11

Years in FFA: 4

SAE: ​Ag. Communications, Sheep Placement. 

CDE's: Livestock Judging, Creed speaking.

Favorite Activity: ​Leadership Conferences.