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SAE stands for Supervised Agricultural Experience. It is a form of experiential learning which FFA offers and is a required project for every member in every chapter. The possibilities are endless! Students projects can range from woodworking to scientific research or even dog training to working at a restaurant! Click here to learn more!

SAE Showcase of the Month 

Samantha Hledik  

There is a SAE wall in the Ag classroom where every member gets to showcase their SAE through pictures Each month our chapter highlights one hardworking FFA member SAE project! Members will be chosen based on progress and accomplishment. 

1. Go to the AET website and click on the 'Log in' button in the top right corner.

2. Three log in boxes will appear, make sure you are in the 'student log in' box.

​3. Enter your chapter ID (IA0052).

4. Enter your personal username and password.

5. To become familiar with the AET website click here for help.

This month's winner is Samantha Hledik! This is Samanthas 4th year in FFA. Samantha is the manager of the asparagus plot. She sells asparagus to the community. She has participated in many events above and at the chapter level. She has also competed in many different CDE's like conduct of meetings and the website. Congrats Samantha!

To track your Supervised Agricultural Experiences and FFA activities on the go, download the new AET app on your smart phone or tablet! 

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While students take part in their SAE projects they must also be capable of keeping accurate records of their project financially and non-financially. Managing records/finances is an important life skill that is necessary for any career. The National FFA Organization prepares students for this by requiring them to keep a record book of their SAE project.

SAE Showcase

​Why is Samantha Hledik Showcase of the Month?

SAE Projects

How to Log In

Record Book Keeping

AET Recordkeeping

In our chapter, we use AET or Agricultural Experience Tracker. This is an online system that helps students record their SAE and FFA involvement, apply for awards and more!