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FFA is the largest student run organization in the nation! It focuses on developing leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education to anyone that joins. In FFA there are countless opportunities and friends to meet, it is important because agriculture is our future! FFA not only creates inspiring leaders, but educates people on what agriculture really is and how anyone can make a difference. To me, FFA means more than just "what you do" but "who you do it with". FFA is an awesome way to learn new things and grow individually, however working as a team with the people you love and who all have the same interest and goals as you is the best feeling!

Leadership is often a trait that is overlooked. The dictionary definition of leadership is "the action of leading a group of people or an organization." Even though this is true, leadership is so much more! Leaders lead in so many different ways. A leader is not only the person in the spotlight, speaking in front of a group of people with determination. Leadership to me is someone who is passionate and dedicated. Doing the right thing even while no one is looking and sacrifices their time to help others in need. In addition, they are always willing to take on any task and get the job done right, without backing out. Leaders have good morals and stay honest to themself and others. They recognize their mistakes and set high goals for success. Everyone has the qualities to be a leader, it all depends on how you apply them.

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My Supervised Agricultural Experience Project falls under the Agricultural Communications area. Through my SAE Project I maintain our chapter website ( I work on the GoDaddy Website Builder to update, design, format, etc. the website.  My favorite part about my SAE is updating. I love to publish new things to our chapter website. Improving the way things look and are accessed. Showcasing the things our chapter is doing is a great way to spread the word of FFA and agriculture!

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Heather Cernek

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Grade: 10

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​Stationed by the Ear of Corn - Heather Cernek

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"Everything happens for a reason"

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