Est. 1937

DeWitt Central FFA

What is your favorite FFA memory?

Grade: 10

Years in FFA: 3

SAE: Swine Entrepreneurship

Favorite Activity: ​Competing in contests at conventions

Nay favorite memory was the 2022 officer retreat!

Secretary, Stationed by the Ear of Corn


What is your biggest goal as an officer?

I want people to know that you can't just be in FFA to get out of school to go to events or get food at the meetings. FFA is so much more than that and I want to encourage students to try new things in FFA like CDEs and LDEs to get more involved

Favorite Animal

What do you want people to know about FFA?

Hannah Grantz

My biggest goal as an officer is to get more people involved in contests and do well with my secretaries book.