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Grade: 12

I decide to run for officer as a way to give back to the chapter for all the good it has done for me over the years. There is no better way I can think to give back to our chapter than to be an officer and help shape new and younger member. As an officer I'm able to be an instrument of positive change for the future success of this chapter.

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Perseverance is a key skill in life. When something unexpected is thrown in front of you in your life you have two options either accept it and stay where you are or fight against it and continue on and thrive.

Parker Shute

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"I can not control how the winds of life decide to blow but i can control how I adjust my sail to reach my destination." -Paulo Coalho


By far my favorite experience I've had due to FFA other than becoming an officer is what I saw at state convention my junior year. I was back stage to accept our chapters Ambassador award I watched a member remove his belt and give it to Kevin Laue the guest speaker without a second thought or even asking who he was.

​Stationed by the Plow- Parker Shute

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The POA stands for Program of Activities. It's a document that outlines everything our chapter does within the year. 

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