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Grade: 11th

Katlin Truelsen- Ag Communications

If you are in FFA or are involved in an ag class you are required to have an SAE or Supervised Agriculture Experience. Take a look at some examples from our members to help you get an idea of how you can build your SAE!

"My SAE Is Ag Communitcations.  I am apart of the CAC media group I joined in June on 2022. We focus on communicating ag related topics with others. We travel around to complete projects related to ag. I am specifically the Journalist  for the team I write full time for "Humps and Horns." I started a piece the Rider Rundown, recently talking about the riders we met at the Junior World Finals."

Joseph Burken- Entrepreneurship

SAE Examples

"My SAE is an entrepreneurship. I own an operate a lawn care and snow removal business. I have been doing this since 2015. In the summer and spring months I mow and landscape peoples yard and houses. And in the winter I clear snow from peoples driveways."

Grade: 10th