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Each spring our chapter grows and then sells flowers and vegetables in our greenhouse. 

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What I love most about FFA is the cool people and new friends you can make every time you go somewhere. Just by traveling to state convention, I was able to meet people all the way on the other side of the state. It's awesome because these people I will stay in touch with them for a long time. It's amazing just how many cool things you realize about yourself when you meet new people that might complement some of the things you didn't realize you do.

Emma Sailor

"Believe......believe in yourself. Believe it can happen. Believe that all of that hard work will pay off. Believe in miracles. Believe that you actually can outwork them. Just believe...the day will come in your life when you will be the only one that believes, and that is all that you need." ~ Anonymous

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Est. 1937

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​Stationed by the Emblem of Washington - Emma Sailor

Grade: 10

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I wanted to become a chapter officer because I knew how important and vital they are to the organization. When I first started, I was shy and intimidated by all of the upperclassman who were a lot more experienced than I was so I wasn't going to be that involved. The officers at the time noticed this so they encouraged me to go to a lot of events they went to and soon enough, I wasn't shy or intimidated anymore. Through this experience that I had, I knew that as an officer, I could make a positive difference in the lives of others. Making a positive impact on others is extremely important because that is how friendships are formed and it is important to show younger members this so that they can learn.