Cheyeanne Youmans

Favorite Quote

“You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.”

Est. 1937

​DeWitt Central FFA

Becoming a chapter officer has always been a goal of mine ever since I joined FFA. Seeing as the officers that lead this past year were so helpful and leading, made me aspire to become a leader like them. Showing the younger FFA members what FFA is about and helping them choose SAE’s is very important to me.

Treasurer, Stationed at the Emblem of Washington

Define and describe your SAE project

I have three SAE’s, the first is Poultry Production. In this SAE, I raise laying hens and sell their eggs for a profit and will then use the profit to purchase more hens for my flock. In my SAE, I learn many skills like marketing which I can use for my future. My second SAE is Goat Placement and in this SAE I show meat goats for a farm during the summer and learn many skills like leadership and hard work. My last SAE is Agronomy Research and in this SAE I research different aspects about the Edamame, which is a soybean plant, and how the plant functions according to different applications of certain things. 

Grade: 10

Years in FFA: 2

SAE: ​Poultry Production, Goat Placement & Agronomy Research     

CDE's: Conduct of Meetings, Greenhand Quiz, Poultry Judging.

Favorite Activity: ​National FFA Week.

Why did you want to be an officer?