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​DeWitt Central FFA

I became involved my 8th grade year when I took an Ag class and was told that I could be in FFA during middle school too and not just high school. This made me really exited because of my family's history in FFA and because of my background in agriculture. That year was really fun so I stayed in it and waited my turn to be an officer of our chapter to try and help it as well as meet new people.

Treasurer, Stationed by the Emblem of Washington

Define and describe your SAE project

My SAE is Beef Entrepreneurship and it involves producing heifers and steers to show and keep to add to my herd. It started my 5th grade year and I hope that it never ends because this is something that I am passionate about and would like to do for the rest of my life. My dad is helping me through this project by teaching me things along the way, he is very knowledgeable about this topic as he has been doing this throughout his life. I am not getting paid, but I hope I can gain knowledge instead.

Grade: 11​

Years in FFA: 4

SAE: ​Beef Entrepreneurship   

CDE's: Conduct of Meetings, Parli Pro, Farm Business Management.

Favorite Activity: ​Hay Hop.

How did you become involved in FFA?

Carson Deppe

Favorite Quote

"Your life may fly by but you are the pilot." Douglas Deppe