Kalli Barber

Caden Bernauer

​Lucas Burken

Kamrron Clark

​Ty Henningsen

Taylor Houser

​Lucas Johnston

Kamryn Keester

​Emily Sutton

Abe Vickers

​Connor Viel

Nile Hootman

The mobile ag education trailer travels around to different events in the community to educate consumers about various ag products, commodities, and technology. Members design banners, games, and interactive manipulatives.

Macy Poll

Carson Tobey

​Tessa Stevens

Classroom Instruction

Members sell new chapter apparel to family members and members of the
community to show the support our community has for FFA as well as raise funds for the chapter.

On farmer day of homecoming week the members prepare information regarding a farm safety topic and present it to the fourth grade students at the Intermediate school.

This committee focuses on recruitment, safety, support and agricultural literacy and advocacy.

Boosters Concessions

12th Graders

Test Plot

9th Graders

FFA Floats

Chapter officers will have a booth at the club fair in the spring. They go to promote and recruit incoming freshmen.

Each year the chapter will set a date and location to have our annual chapter picture taken. An FFA member will then design the poster and each active, dues paying members will receive a chapter poster. Chapter posters must also be hung downtown at local business supporters.

Students from the Ag Leadership class work with 4th grade teachers and students each spring to present agricultural based lessons in the classroom. Some topics include agriculture then and now, history of agriculture, and agricultural technology.

Fruit Sales Reward

Back to school barbecue is our first informal meeting of the year where chapter members and their families are invited to attend and learn what the view and direction the new officers will be steering the chapter towards. A potluck style meal is served and members bring a dish and enjoy activities and fun.

Joseph Burken

Lilly Fuglsang

Nate McGarry

10th Graders

FFA Week

Toy Show

Est. 1937

DeWitt Central FFA

Members build FFA themed floats for community and school events. Such as
homecoming and the 4th of July.

Club Fair

Kick Off Party


8th Graders

Each year, during the week of George Washington’s birthday, FFA members,
advisors, alumni and supporters celebrate the organization’s contributions to local schools, communities and the agriculture industry through National FFA Week.

The Dewitt Central FFA Boosters hold a toy show every year in March. Members go to help with loading and unloading of toys, set up and tear down.

​Courtney Kramer

Madison Poll

​Owen Willimack

​Kade Burzlaff

Committee Members

Chapter Apparel

Ag Trailer

The fruit sale reward party is a fun way to give back to members who
sold fruit for the chapter. Members celebrate their hard work through fun activities that promote cooperation and teamwork.

Alexandrea Swanton

​Val Fisher

Lily Thisakhone

​Klare Gruntorad

​Drake Zeeryp

Adrian Gordon

11th Graders

Ag Safety Day

Chapter Poster

Each winter our chapter members help out at our FFA Boosters concession stands. We assist at every girls home basketball game for the season. All chapter members are encouraged to help. This also serves as a great way to get to know our local Boosters members.

Strengthening Agriculture

Our chapter has a test plot every year that is managed by a group of students who help with contacting seed dealers, planting, harvesting, and organizing the test plot night.