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AET stands or Agricultural Experience Tracker. This is an online system that helps students record their SAE and FFA involvement, plus so much more!

Brandon Flammang- Exploratory
Xander Gibson- Exploratory
Andrew Hall- Exploratory
Carver Krukow- Exploratory
Cole Tobey- Exploratory
Hailey Tooley​- Exploratory

Students can watch virtual field trips about unique agricultural careers!

Javier Burken- Exploratory 
Kaitlyn Burken- Exploratory
Lucas Burmeister- Exploratory
Megan Clark- Exploratory
Drew Dunlavey- Exploratory
Andon Feeler- Wood Working

Dylan McAleer- Fishing Lure Business
John McConohy- Fishing Lure Business
Savanah Meyne- Honey Bee Production

​Cole Miller- Fishing Lure Business
Annabelle Schneider- Fruit & Vegetable Production
Kailee Schnoor- Raising Ducks
Keaton Simmons- Poultry Production
McKenna Stevens- Beef Production
Lane Walker- TBD

SAE Spotlight Application:

The National FFA Organization and Discovery Education partnered to create a website that helps students learn about future agricultural careers, this can even help members brainstorm for their SAE project as well. 

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In my SAE I restored a 1993 John Deere Gator. I kept track of my hours which I then put into AET. My favorite part was replacing the engine on the Gator.

SAE stands for Supervised Agricultural Experience. It is a form of experiential learning which FFA offers. They are a required project for every member in every chapter. Don't know what an SAE is? Click here for a better understanding.


Project Name:


Skylore Arp - Sheep Production Placement
Skylar Bloom - Agricultural Communications 
Max Cousins - J&L Enterprises Placement
Keenan Riedesel - J&L Enterprises, Riedesel Farms Placement
Parker Shute - Agricultural Mechanics
​Jarrett Trenkamp - Agricultural Mechanics


Check out unique SAE projects by watching videos of FFA members from all over the US! 

SAE Projects

Jordan Auliff- Soil Sampling at Liqui Grow
Koal Bossom - Veterinary Science
Bella Burken- Goat Production
Jack Campbell - Natural Resources-Tree Management
Paige Griem - Beef Production
Logan Hansen- TBD
Kimberly Hendricks- Ag Services
Boomer Johnson- Lawn Care 
Sean Kinney- Kinney Farms
Devin Luskey- AgriScience Research/Soils/Fruits

Kyle Ackerman- Small Animal Production​
Jacob Bratthauer - Beef Production
Crystal Burke- TBD
Heather Cernek - Agricultural Communications 
Kailey Clark - Beef Production Entrepreneurship
Noah Conard - Agricultural Mechanics 
Carson Deppe - Beef Production Entrepreneurship
Jacob Diercks - Agricultural Entrepreneurship
​Remington Duwa - Wildlife Management
Chase Feeler- Goat Production


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Agricultural Mechanics

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Noah Conard

Eighth Graders

Kayla Gerard- TBD
Logan Hofer- Park Farms
Lane Krukow - Beef Production, Krukow Brothers
Will Martin - Beef Production and Equine Science
Ethan McCaulley - Turf Grass Management
Levi Riedesel- Poultry Production
Spencer Paysen - Tractor Restoration
Emma Sailor - Beef Production Entrepreneurship
Madelyn Vinson - Poultry Production 
Samantha Zeimet​​ - Equine Beef Entrepreneurship

SAE Spotlight:

Project Description:

​​Justin Costello - Dairy Production Placement
​Austin Meyer - Poultry Production ​​Entrepreneurship
Wyatt Wegener - Cross Performance Horses
​Alexus Woodford​ - Small Animal ​​Entrepreneurship