Students who are interested in applying for a Proficiency Award must complete an application. The application can be found on The AET website. Mrs. Grantz will release a timeline paper that will help you complete your application before the due date.

The National FFA Agricultural Proficiency Awards reward FFA members who have excelled with their supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs), by developing essential skills that they can apply in their future careers! Click here for more information.

Do you work hard in your SAE Project? Has your project helped you to develop unique skills? If you answered yes, you should apply for one today! Proficiency Awards are a great way for your hard work to pay off! Click here for more information.

Proficiency Award Results

Est. 1937

​DeWitt Central FFA

Placing: First Gold (State), Silver (Nationals)

Agricultural Mechanics

Emma Sailor.

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Placing: Fifth Gold (State)

Heather Cernek.

Agricultural Education  

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Placing: Third Silver (State)

Beef Entrepreneurship 

Spencer Paysen.