Est. 1937

​DeWitt Central FFA

Emma Sailor

District CDE Results

Placing: N/A

Members nominated for District Office 

Placing: Gold (Alt. to State)

Farm Business Management

Candidate elected to SE District Office

Ag. Sales

L to R: Noah Conard, Lane Krukow, Will Martin, Jacob Bratthauer

The Southeast District Convention is held yearly at a school within the district. The 2019 convention was held at Lone Tree. Click here for more information.

Chapter Test

Members electing SE District Officers

Treasurer's Book

Andon Feeler

Secretary's Book

Carson Deppe

Ag. Issues & Perceptions

Emma Sailor, Heather Cernek, Remington Duwa

Carson Deppe

L to R: Kaitlyn B, Samantha H, Ella K, Cheyeanne Y, Devin L, McKenna S, Annabell S

District Officer Canidates

Placing: Silver

L to R: Megan Clark, Cole Tobey, Olivia Reyna

FFA Creed

Placing: Gold (Alt. to State)

Placing: Gold (Alt. to State)

SE District Treasurer

Placing: 2nd Gold (Advance to State)

L to R: Jacob Bratthauer and Spencer Paysen

Heather Cernek

Placing: N/A

Conduct of Meetings

Placing: Silver


L to R: Kailey Clark and Heather Cernek