DeWitt Central FFA 

 Est. 1937 

Our members have the option to judge soil, livestock and horses. This gives each member an opportunity to show off their skills. These skills CDES allow FFA members to try out what they learned in the classroom in a real life setting. Students gain skills and learn ways to defend their reasoning's on why they placed the class the way they did.  ​

Judging CDE's

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212 and 360 leadership conferences. 212 is for freshman and sophomores and 360 is for juniors and seniors. The rotating themes allow new members to go back year after year. 

This is an event for Greenhands, first year members, to learn about FFA and get fired up for the years to come! Greenhand Fire-up was held at Washington High School in October 2016. Greenhands have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of FFA while meeting life long friends.  

Legislative Symposium

Above The Local Level 

​Each January, Iowa FFA members flood the capital in a sea of blue. This day holds the opportunity for members to promote FFA inside the State Capital. Members speak with Senators and Representatives regarding agricultural education.

Greenhand Fire Up